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Period : 1 year
Program in brief : USAuPair participants live in the United States for one year, while caring for children and helping them develop. Your round-trip airfare, room and board, and weekly pocket money (197.50 USD) are some of the many benefits of our program such as cultural exchange, traveling, and English study. 



Do you want to…

- explore American life?
- discover a new culture?
- improve your English?
- work with children?
- earn weekly pocket money?  
- make new friends?
- and travel for a month?

What's “USAuPair”
USAuPair is a U.S. State Department-designated sponsor for an au pair cultural exchange program. We bring to our program more than 25 years of experience in cultural exchange and hosting au pairs, including those for our own children.
USAuPair carefully screens families before accepting them into our program. Home visits, personal interviews, inspecting your private room, conducting background checks and obtaining references are part of our screening process. USAuPair counselors are nearby to help you. 

Program benefits

The au pair experience offers the opportunity to understand differences in cultural lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, language and making lifelong friends along the way.

Your host family pays your airfare to Portland, Oregon. This includes lodging, continental breakfast and lunch while you attend the USAuPair workshop on child development and safety.

During the program year, you receive medical insurance. A private bedroom, board, and weekly pocket money are provided in exchange for up to 45 hours of child care weekly.

By the end of the program year, your wages total more than US$9,900, paid in weekly sums of $195.75. This amount is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor and may change in the future. The host family also contributes up to $500 toward earning your six semester hours of postsecondary education.

You are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation during the year, one complete weekend off each month, and a minimum of one and one-half days off every week.

USAuPair counselors support au pairs to help smooth the transition, ease potential culture shock, and ensure the successful completion of your program. The counselors also arrange fun monthly meetings with other au pairs in your area.

After the completion of your program, a 30-day grace period gives you the opportunity to travel and explore America before returning to your home country. Or you may elect to extend your program for six, nine or twelve months.

To learn more, complete our online form, and one of our representatives will contact you with more information. 

Au Pair Qualifications
You qualify for USAuPair if you...
1. are mature and responsible and always take pride in the quality of your work.
2. are between 18 and 26 years old.
3. enjoy caring for children ages 3 months to 15 years and helping them develop.
4. have at least 200 hours of child care experience
5. are in good health and do not smoke
6. are a licensed driver.
7. have completed at least the equivalent of an American high school education.
8. are able to converse in English.
9. are willing to make a one-year commitment to experience living with an American family and provide up to 45 hours of child care each week.
10. want to learn more about American culture or improve your English by attending classes at a postsecondary educational institution.

What can you expect?

Being a USAuPair au pair is a rewarding and once-in-a-lifetime experience. You live as a member of an American family with your own private bedroom and participate in all the daily living activities that are uniquely American.

Your child care duties are limited to no more than 10 hours per day and 45 hours per week, leaving you a lot of personal time to meet other au pairs, make new friends or explore America.

As a USAuPair au pair you will have two weeks of paid vacation during your program year, one free weekend per month, and a minimum of one and one-half days off each week. Plus you may stay an extra month after you have completed your program year. Many au pairs use this month to travel.

Touch down in Portland, Oregon to begin your au pair year before joining your host family. Much of your time will be spent attending a workshop on child development and safety. However, each day offers opportunities to see many Portland area sights.

Your education continues during your program year by studying at an educational institution in your host family's community. You will need to obtain six credit hours of postsecondary instruction. Host families will pay up to US$500 for your tuition and school fees.

With USAuPair, you'll receive enough information and support to make your year exciting and rewarding. Our au pair handbook has tips and information to guide you throughout the year. USAuPair counselors help you adjust to your new environment and arrange fun monthly meetings and cultural events with other au pairs.

What will host families expect?

USAuPair works closely with host families to help them understand the au pair program. A host family's greatest concern is the safety and well-being of the children in your care. They will depend on you to be alert, cheerful, prompt, flexible and responsible.

Each host family is different. Your schedule may vary weekly, daily or monthly. Many families may need you to prepare meals for the children, or an occasional meal for the family. You will need to drive children to and from school or other activities, help with schoolwork or the children's laundry. Being flexible is an important part of being an au pair.

Host families will want you to join them for activities, holidays and special events. American host families are very busy. That is why they need you.

Easy steps to become au pair

1. Contact us by filling out apply online form.
2. Our staff contacts you to explain the program, answer your questions, and arrange an appointment with you after you have paid application fees.
3. The appointment includes a preliminary, detailed overview of the USAuPair program, and instructions and assistance with the application process. (English, and psychometric exams)
4. After your application is submitted, our staff reviews documents to ensure all forms are included and complete 
5. USAuPair contacts you about the status of your application
6. Your application is ready for potential host families.
7. Interview with host families
8. Match with a host family
9. Pay your program fees, and prepare document for visa application.
10. Prepare for departure after you have got visa.
11. Welcome to au pair year in USA.

Experience of AuPair



Experience as a Host Family



 ขั้นตอนการสมัคร ค่าใช้จ่ายก่อนเข้าโครงการ

Rounded Rectangle: 1. Registration Fee 200 USD

Rounded Rectangle: 1. ส่งประวัติ Resume

Rounded Rectangle: 2. สัมภาษณ์เบื้องต้น

Rounded Rectangle: 2. Placement Fee 2,000 USD

Rounded Rectangle: 3. สัมภาษณ์กับโรงแรม ผ่านโปรแกรม Skype

Rounded Rectangle: 3. Visa 5,100 Baht

Rounded Rectangle: 4. ขอวีซ่าเข้าประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา

Rounded Rectangle: 3. Airfare about 1,300 USD

Rounded Rectangle: 5. เตรียมตัวเดินทาง





















Rounded Rectangle: รายได้ประมาณ 1,200 – 2,000 USD ต่อเดือน x 12 เดือน = 15,000 – 24,000  USD ต่อปี
Rounded Rectangle: ค่าใช้จ่าย ค่าที่พัก อาหาร ประมาณ 500 USD ค่า Placement service 160 USD ต่อเดือน 6,000 + 1,920 = 7,920 USD

Rounded Rectangle: *ผู้เข้าร่วมโครงการ สามารถคืนทุนค่าใช้จ่ายทั้งหมดและสามารถมีเงินเหลือสำหรับท่องเที่ยวได้อีกด้วย*








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